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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Việt Nam tuyển dụng Quality Supervisor – Pharma

ID: 15937 - Bài viết trong 'Nơi làm việc tốt nhất' gửi bởi Admin, 19 Tháng mười hai 2017.

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    • Requisition ID: 168240
    • Position: Full-Time Regular
    • Open date: 06:08 23-11-2017
    • Functional area: Quality
    • Location:
      Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    • Required degrees: Not Indicated
    • Relocation: Not Indicated
    Basic qualifications: Bachelor
    Details Preferred qualifications:
    KRA 1. Control quality operation of products at 3PLs (Distributors)
    • Control products quality in receipt, storage, distribution followed with GSK Global Quality Policies (GQPs), with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and local regulatory requirements
    • Compile and review all required batch release documentation. Has authority to approve for release or reject products manufactured by GSK GMS at distributors followed with GSK Global Quality Policies
    • Monitor local redressing/ repacking process and manage redressing activities at local distributors, related to products: Yield Calculation, Products and redressing material reconciliation ….
    • Monitor artwork of products/redressing material consistency with registration
    • Product Storage and Distribution: Temperature Management; Storage and Handling of Materials and Products
    • Verify the goods/ redressing material destruction at 3rd party contractor
    • Validate the quality of returned goods as site visit regularly
    • Handle quality deviation at third party – distribution and warehouse as well as coordinate with QA Director to solve out the issues. Provide Quality guideline at deviation/incident of product, change control … and assume oversight of implementation activities.
    KRA 2. Product quality operations management
    • Coordinate Quality Agreement, Technical Term of Supply between the local market and supply manufacturing site, GMS.
    • Participate to develop local company quality procedures that affect product quality at third party contractors – distributors
    • Assist QA Director in liaise supply sites to get DRA and documented once QA approval
    • Monitoring change control of quality and relevant functional departments.
    • Monitoring sampling and sample management and Local authority – Lab Testing

    KR3. Performance and Compliance of LOC QMS (Quality Management System)
    • Supervise key elements of GQPs/GQMPs relating to distribution operations and focus monitoring quality risk if occurs
    • Implement QMS self-inspection L1 related appropriate activities and update relevant LSOPs versus new GQPs/GQGs/GQMPs
    • Participate in QMS activities (QMS gap analysis, quality alert, quality plan, SLA, TTS, DRA, change control …)
    • Assist QA Director in LIC/PIRC meeting (information, action taken, status monitoring, close out)
    • Support QA Director in Quality council scheduling and action taken monitoring
    • To support QA Director in QMS compliance of the local business operations by:
     Participate in 3PLs/ Suppliers audit performance
     Management of Compliance Training

    KRA 4: Financial & budget management
    • Submit and get approval from QA Director any Opex in reference to quality activities at distribution.

    KRA 5: People management
    • Deliver QMS training and mandatory quality policies to all distributors’ employees as backup for QA Director.

    KRA 6: Risk/ compliance management
    • Provide local SOPs or guidance to distributors
    • Implement and follow-up Product Quality Risk Assessment through supply chain.

    KRA 7. Information Management
    • Information exchange within function in transparency and open communication.

    KRA 8. Internal/External Customer & Partners Satisfaction
    • Build network with all cross-functional managers in order to build a transparent and consistent working environment within the company.

    KRA 9. Training/ skill enhancing
    • Participate in training course in My-learning/conducted by local Quality team/Region Quality team/CERP/SAP/departments SOPs.



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